Course Makeup Artist – Basic

Being a Makeup Artist speaks to the imagination. You will make a bride happy with perfect makeup for her wedding day, apply beautiful makeup for a teen’s first prom or teach someone the best technique to camouflage impurities of the skin. So it is a rewaring profession in which you can be creative. Moreover you will make people very happy!

The Basic Makeup Artist course by Make-Up Matters teaches you the techniques to apply makeup for photo shoots, weddings and party’s. You can call yourself a true Makeup Artist after completing the course and you will receive the official Make-Up Matters Academy diploma.

We mainly focus on private lessons, so you will have the highest skill in the shortest time. This is according our vision the best way to become an experienced makeup artist.

The classes are primarily given by Annelies van Oosterum, a passionate, enthusiastic and experienced makeup artist. She has gained her knowledge during various makeup courses in the Netherlands, the Charles H. Fox Institute in London and LA Academy in Dublin. Annelies writes: “Regular MUA classes are often 10 to 20 students. This means long waiting times and a divided attention, which I am not in favor of.”

You only need so many private lessons in comparison to group lessons. The curriculum can be adapted to your progress and experience. Personal attention and quality is what we value most. Therefore, the total number of students in the makeup artist academy is limited. Moreover the training is highly demanded.

Brief personal interview…
We find it important to have a personal interview with the candidate to see if you are motivated, creative and passionate. Then we can carefully create a curriculum on basis of your ambitions. We would like to think along with your portfolio building, customer acquisition and set up of your own business. You even have a chance to become part of the Make-Up Matters team after your exam!

The practical courses Make-Up Artist consist of weekly private lessons. Each course takes four hours and you have to bring a model with you. The materials we work with is mainly the brand Golden Rose in addition of Make-Up Studio and MAC. You can develop your own creativity from the basic makeup techniques. You will make beautiful creations. You thought you could never do!
Some of the following topics might be included in your training:

  • Material knowledge
  • Hygiene
  • Skin Types / Colour knowledge
  • Facial Morphology
  • Camouflage
  • Shaping / highlight / blush
  • Eyebrow Techniques
  • Nude look
  • Basic makeup
  • Smokey eyes
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Makeup for Asian and toned skin
  • Photo Makeup
  • Party Makeup
  • Glasses Makeup
  • Use of your own makeup

Besides the regular classes there will also be a number of practical lessons, so you will help in a real production or photo shoot!

Basic or Advanced Makeup Artist course
We primarily focus on the perfect base for the makeup technique during the basic makeup artist course. While during the advanced course we also focus on advanced makeup techniques, which is supplemented with hairstyling and special effects. Of course you can do the advance course after the basic course in a much shorter time!

Please contact us for more information or to register!