Training for Beauticians

So you are a beautician? Your focus is on skin improvement and you would like to see the customer go home with a positive feeling? You probably noticed a lot of competition around you as well. So you need to distinguish yourself! Make-Up Matters offers a makeup training especially designed for beauticians. You can add the extra competences to your original repertoire. You will receive a diploma of Make-Up Matters Academy after your exam!

Our experience…
Practice teaches us that attention to good makeup skills is very slim during most beautician courses. Often only a few techniques are taught. So you are not able to distinguish yourself and have added value to your customers. Customized work, dedicated to the customer is the key. As you already know that each and every skin is unique and so is the makeup too.

  • What types of skin undertones are there?
  • What are the best colours for your skin type?
  • How do you combine the right colors?
  • How will you make sure that a bridal makeup will last all day?
  • How to carefully camouflage impurities?
  • How to work hygienicly?
  • How can I increase the expression in someone’s face?
  • How do I make my client beautiful in a natural manner?

These are all kind of questions that we are going to focus on during the training.

Step by step…
Together we will teach you step by step how to apply beautiful and natural looking makeup. An unique feature about our training, is that we do not use a standard curriculum. Each and every curriculum will be adapted to your knowledge and experience. We will take more time for difficult subjects and whenever you have mastered a technique we will continue straight forward to the next topic! This is how we bring you to the highest level in a fast and efficient way. The course concludes with an examination by a professional photo shoot. The photos of your exam can be used to build your own portfolio and of course you get an official diploma of Make-Up Academy Matters!

We also offer hairstyling courses to create for instance bridal haircuts.

These courses can be taken individually or in groups. We can also be hired as a guest lecturer for a beautician training to supplement the current curriculum. The training can be given with your own products, or those of Make-Up Matters. This will mainly be Golden Rose.

After the exam…
After passing your exam our cooperation does not stop. It may be that you run against specific things in practice. We always want to continue to think along with you. We can also give advice when it comes to material/brand choices and will help to build up a portfolio.

For more information or a free quote, please contact us!