Make-Up Matters offers companies, entrepeneurs and artists various opportunities next to a professional photoshoot, like make-up, hair styling and clothes styling. This ensures you that you will look at your best on the photo!

Stunning makeup for the photoshoot…
We will make sure that the makeup is applied perfectly on your skin, whereby gleam spots are eliminated. We will increase your face expression by applying special photo makeup. Photo makeup is much heavier than regular day make-up, because colour loss can occur by the flash of the photographer. Makeup Matters delivers added value to photo shoots by highlighting your beauty strenghts and camouflage your slight imperfections. We can also do a complete makeover for prominent or special photo shoots.

Always the right look…
We will ensure you that your true face wouldn’t be hidden by a thick layer of makeup. Showing your true beauty is our main goal!

Styling for photoshoots…
Our professional stylists can also do your hair styling, now both makeup and hair styling are done properly at once! No wait… We can also help you with your clothing and give fashion advice! Because we think that each individual adjustment can create the best overall completion!

Makeup, haircut and styling for a photoshoot?

  • Business portraits for websites and brochures
  • Individual business portrait photo
  • Profile pictures for Social Media accounts
  • Artists photos, magazine covers and CD covers
  • Model photography for a portfolio
  • TV commercials and movies

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