Sometimes it is difficult to make the correct translation between what you want and how you appear. The coherence between image and professionalism. Do you express yourself correctly in a way of how you want to present yourself? Make-Up Matters is an expert in the field of styling advice for entrepreneurs, who would like to have a professional and appropriate appearance. The one-on-one styling training, focuses on male and female entrepreneurs. This can take place throughout the whole country.

Styling advice for men…
As an entrepreneur you would like to look at your best for your business contacts, clients and business meetings. We at Make-Up Matters help entrepreneurs in developing and shaping a proper look, which will fit for your main targets! What outfit will appear best for my business? How can I still feel comfortable? Which style has the correct translation for a proper business look? These are numerous questions Make-Up Matters can answer! We give you styling advices and it is possible to do personal shopping.

Personal style and make-up advice for women…
Women entrepreneurs can sometimes be a little insecure about their appearance. Does my clothing match the services I provide? Do I look professional? What colours look good on me? We give advice on how a female entrepreneur can look good and professional all day. Matching the styling, haircut, colour and makeup in perfect harmony.

Additionally it is possible to do make-up workshops at Make-Up Matters.

Styling combined with a business portrait…
It is possible to have an additional photoshoot, so you can use the pictures for your website or social media profile! You can immediately give a good online presentation of yourself with your new look. The first impression is always important!

Costs for one-on-one styling training are deductible for tax purposes.

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