Makeup Matters offers several workshops for companies, which will be given by experienced trainers. These workshops are focused on technique. The program can be tailored to the wishes of the customer. Each workshop performed by Make-Up Matters is customized.

Individual makeup workshop…
Many people find it difficult to apply their makeup properly and run into these questions:

  • How do I apply a beautiful makeup quickly?
  • How and where do you bring on blush?
  • How does my lipstick stay on longer?
  • How do you put eyeliner on?
  • Why should I use a foundation?
  • What are the best matching colours for me?
  • How can you apply natural looking camouflage makeup?

We will teach you step by step how to put on natural looking makeup, with an individual workshop from Make-Up Matters. You can bring along your own makeup, so we can see what type of makeup you are using. Now we are able to give you the best makeup tips. We carefully consider what colours may or may not be applied to your skin type. Any additions to your own makeup can be done via our Make-Up Matters webshop.

A light day makeup with natural look is obviously more suitable for daytime, while a heavier evening makeup or party makeup is better for special occasions. An individual makeup workshop is always customized by the request of our customer.

The workshops from Make-Up Matters can take place in our own studio or even at your company!

Duo makeup workshop…
This workshop is created for colleagues who want to look representative at work. You will learn the same makeup applying principles with this duo makeup workshop, as for the individual workshop. Good make-up is craftsmanship. Our practical experience shows that a good makeup technique can give a big boost to your self confidence.

Group makeup workshop…
Make-Up Matters also organizes group makeup workshops for groups of about 6-18 people. This can be done at your company or at a different location (after consultation). We will bring along mirrors and suitcases full of makeup and brushes. We will give the best makeup tips and learn how to apply the new makeup trends.

Do your colleagues like to know how to bring on smokey eyes? Correct drooping eyelids? Apply special makeup when wearing glasses? Apply party makeup? Apply custom makeup for younger skin? Correct older or sagging skin? All these themes are negotiable and all questions of the participants are treated in this group make-up workshop. We can come in the afternoon or evening with several makeup artists, depending on the size of the group. It is possible to provide a workshop for a big group with our team of Make-Up Matters. Groups can go up in size to 50 people.

Combined with professional photoshoot…
All workshops can be combined with a professional photo shoot in the studio of a photographer. The photographer can also go to the desired location. The makeup products can be ordered via our webshop.

Would you like to surprise your colleague or secretary? Giftcards can be ordered in our workshops!

For more information or a free quote, please contact us!