Grime / Special effects

Make-Up Matters provides the grime, makeup and special effects for various production companies, theaters, theme parties, movies, commercials and photo shoots.

Special characters…
The makeup artists from Make-Up Matters can create specific characters by using special makeup and techniques. The end result is veracious and absolutly astounding!

It is only possible for an actor to play veracious, if he or she has the feeling that the character is strengthened in all appearances. A good theater or film grime is just as important as a striking facial expression or the right accessory.

We have gained our experience in the London Charles H. Fox Institute and Dublins LA Academy. Thus we have extensive international experience with different special effects techniques.

Applying special grime effects…
Many special effects are used to create lifelike blood wounds, blisters, burns, scars and bruises. Especially in films, TV commercials, or theaters. Futhermore we use the grime technique to create bald heads and obsolescence.

Grime at various festivals…
Soon a theme party? Or planning a joke with someone? We can help you out! Makeup Matters specializes in taking care of grime at various festivals such as:

  • Carnival
  • Halloween
  • Bachelor parties
  • Special photoshoots

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