Help! My wardrobe

Make-Up Matters helps you to bring structure in your wardrobe, with personal and clothing Colour & Style advice. Finally some overview in your closet!

How often do you stand before your wardrobe?
“Sigh… What to wear this time?” We collect a lot of clothing over the years, and it frequently ends up somewhere hidden inside the closet. You completely forget you still have them! What about the difficulty in finding the right combinations with other clothing? Do these colours match?

Make-Up Matters provides colour and style advice…
Make-Up Matters provides expert, efficient and practical fashion/style advice to regain structure and overview in your wardrobe. On one hand by a logical layout and by looking at the possible clothing combinations between old and new. In addition, we pay attention to the fit, matching colour combinations and trends. On the other hand by reviewing clothing which can be thrown away, so your wardrobe is reorganized again. Our preference is not to throw your clothing away, but donate them to the clothing bank in Amersfoort.

Personal shopping advice…
Make-Up Matters also provides personal shopping advice if you are uncertain about your matching clothing style and colours. We can find that final outfit that gears up with your blouses, blazers, shirts and pants that is still missing. From now on you can go shopping with a focus and impulsive purchases can be avoided more often.

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