Party Makeup and hair

Soon a special occasion? Like an anniversary, prom, gala, graduation, a special birthday or another celebration where you want to look marvelous? Make-Up Matters knows how important it is to look stunning! It starts with the right party makeup and hairstyling!

Long lasting makeup…
Whether your age is 16 or 86, Make-Up Matters can match your makeup, clothing and hair styling exactly together. In addition, we ensure you that the makeup will last all night and doesn’t need to have a touch up.

Need a special haircut for the party?
Haircuts can also be applied next to our makeup speciality. We can also give you recommendations for your beautiful party haircut, next to our hair stylist and makeup artist advices. Make-Up Matters works in a creative and stylish way to match your party hairstyle for special occasions. In addition, we will ensure the correct alignment with the party dress, special outfit, the party hairstyle and party makeup.

You can make an appointment with Make-Up Matters at her own studio in Woudenberg. We can also apply your party makep and hairstyle on-site or at home.

Do you also like to have your makeup, styling advice or hairstyling be done by Make-Up Matters? Please contact us via the contact page for an appointment!

For more information or a free quote, please contact us!